All animal care business types; shelters, rescues, clinics, hospitals, and more, use this service product. This new comprehensive system can co-exist with current business operation technology. Their current or new clients have the opportunity to submit their pets to this innovative identification technology. Identification and health data is quickly displayed on any Internet connected device. The most convenient access method is a smart phone scan of a pet’s QR Code.

Other popular features include managing administration of medication, storing and retrieving all health records for the life of the pet, or instantly reporting a lost pet. For security, pet owners who sign-up for this service have full control of what information is displayed on a scanning device.

This unique technology will display the same data with a microchip Bluetooth connected scanning device or QR Code scan. These scans instantly provide data to reconnect a lost pet with its owner. There’s no waiting for someone to contact a call center who search a multitude of databases around the world. We optionally offer our own special microchip, syringe and microchip scanning device.

Review the ‘Learn More’ section for specific benefits of each pet care business type to understand financial and operational benefits.

Business Owner Questions

After successfully signing in, use the red Admin button to view choices for managing account settings.
On the landing page, click any blue button that says "SIGN UP". Fill out the form and click the orange PayPal "Subscribe" button. An account setup email is sent with easy instructions.
Immediately! Upon receipt of your subscription payment, the system will create your VetMasterID database account and send you an email with your Account ID and startup information. At that time you can define the employee users of the system.
No. You're probably only going to have a few people maintaining client and pet data. In addition, they can also enter medical prescription data.
With a browser such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, FireFox, Apple Safari, etc. connected to the Internet. Enter the normal URL of or put a shortcut/link on your desktop, website, iPad, tablet, smart phone, etc. "Sign In" with your Account ID, User Name, Password and click or touch the green "Sign In" button.
Yes, with one minor exception. Typically, you will have 24/7 access except when there is a need for us to apply maintenance or hardware changes. We expect these outages to be short in duration and performed during off hours. We will schedule these down times when the system is typically least used. We will notify all users of scheduled system outages by posting an alert on the SignIn page of the website. We may also notify you by email.

Cloud storage of all pet identification data including medical history

Cloud storage of all pet owner name, address, and contact information

Instantly display all of a pet's identification data with unique QR Code scans

Direct access to pet medical history information

Remote access to all client and pet information

Store current pet microchip number

Store current pet licensing information

Cloud storage of all data protects against data loss from business failure or catastrophic destruction

Commissions from PetMasterID subscriptions; perpetual recurring revenue

Attract new clients that learn you have a VetMasterID account

Easily locate pets with room and cage ID recorded

Storing, retrieving, and management of comprehensive pet data makes it easier to accept pets for adoption

List of all current and previously administered medication

Instant monitoring of medication administered

Save paper with secure cloud storage of pet health documents, invoices, etc.

Improved operations with reduced paper and paperwork

Set and view pet care provider appointments

Manage settings for sending appointment reminders

Instant email reception of pet owners reporting a lost pet

Improved operations of shelter guest viewing and adopting

Reduce costs with reduced staff

Reduce costs with improved staff efficiency

Convenient remote payment of veterinarian invoices to expedite discharge process

Free and easy transfer of all pet data to a new primary care provider or new owner

Simplifies boarding with convenient access to pet identification and health information

Free inclusion of future enhancements to this web application

Credit card is required for an auto renew yearly or monthly subscription. The $1800 annual or $150 monthly fee is displayed on the PayPal signup page. By using PayPal, we don't ever have to store any of your credit card information. You will also receive payment notices from PayPal each time a payment has been made.
Once you become a client of this service you will receive all updates and upgrades to newer versions at no additional cost. As a subscriber to the service, you will never be subject to an increase as long as you maintain your current subscription. If you cancel your subscription and wish to sign up again in the future, you will be required to pay the offered rate at that time.
Yes! This service is considered to be in the Cloud Computing category because the users of this system do not have to have their own hardware, software, or operations facility to use or maintain this service. This is the most cost effective way to manage business processes.
No! All of your PetMasterID data is backed up daily.

Only one small label printer for printing in-house QR Coded labels. We recommend DYMO LabelWriter 450 label printer for under $100. We supply the software for printing the correct pet label.

For example, a shelter typically contains cages for pets available for adoption. The design of this application supports printing and attaching QR Coded labels to cages. Each QR label can be scanned to obtain detail information of a specific pet. Potential adopters can scan the QR Code that provides buttons for Visit or Adopt requests. Review the ‘Learn More’ section for specific details about how this works.

Other facilities use cages for boarding or medical treatment. The labels can provide temporary identification of a pet, especially for monitoring medication needs. Labels can also be temporarily attached to a pet's collar.

Not at this time. It would be very costly to maintain or enhance. A key benefit of this product is to alleviate the cost of acquiring and maintaining your own hardware and software. Plus, the ongoing human resource expense.
Yes, here's a partial list:

When you sign-up for this service.

When you have a support request.

When you have a need to recover a password.

When another veterinarian business requests the medical history of a pet under your care.

When we schedule a system maintenance outage.

Whenever we need to alert you with important information. WE NEVER SEND SPAM.

When a pet service has been completed and includes a link for the client to pay invoice remotely.

When a pet has been reported lost. Pet owner receives notification email, even if owner reports the loss, as a security feature.

When a pet has been reported lost. Primary pet care provider designates who receives notification email.

Submit your questions on our support page and we will respond within 24 hours.
Yes! After sign in, go to your Pet Owner page and click on the "Change Password" link (located above the status area).
Yes. For each pet subscription, we send one wallet size pet ID card and 3 key chain size ID cards to the pet owner. You can also place a copy of a pet's QR Code on any object that can be read/scanned.
It is exceptionally fast and will always display the most current information about the specific pet.
First, the VetMasterID business can send an email with a link for a Client to personally obtain a PetMasterID subscription. Upon completion, the Client will receive a QR Coded pet ID card and three QR Coded pet ID tags. A QR Code can be printed and stored on other media - contact us through our Support web page for any special requests. NOTE 1: with a label printer, the organization can print local QR Coded labels for attachment to cages or pet collars for those pets hosted for adoption. NOTE 2: the QR Code on these labels differ from the QR Coded PetMasterID subscription code. They're for organization internal use only.
Absolutely! Simply add the microchip ID on the pet's information page. Afterwards, anyone who scans the pet for a chip, can easily enter the microchip number on our public PetMasterID Support page to see pet and owner contact information. Also, connecting/pairing a Bluetooth microchip scanning device with a smart phone cursor positioned on the PetMasterID ScanChip Support page, the "Find Pet" button will display contact information on the phone.

Also, a pet license number and expiration date can be stored.

The event is immediately reported to the "Lost Pet Alert" website and database. All essential pet identification data is sent with the report. If the pet is subscribed through your VetMasterID/PetMasterID account, you will also receive a notification email of the Alert. NOTE that anyone finding a lost pet should immediately check the or website for a match to contact the owner -OR- if present, scan the pet's QR Coded pet ID tag.
Yes, there are several ways. The pet finder scans the QR Code attached to the pet's collar. On the display click or touch the green button that says "Email Owner". Finder provides contact information and comments in the email and sends it. The email is sent to the owner of the pet. If a QR Code is not present, scan for a microchip with an RFID Bluetooth scanning device. Finally, if anyone finds a lost pet go to, which is the Lost Pet website used by pet owners who have subscribed their pets to PetMasterID. If a found pet is listed, it will have the owner's contact information.
The client/pet owner uses this tool to monitor and perform administration of medication. For example, by merely scanning the QR Code of the pet with an iPhone or similar device, the device displays whether it is currently an acceptable time to administer the correct dose of medicine to the pet. This application only supports administering up to and including 3 doses per day. When a dose is administered, the client merely touches or clicks the green Admin button to notify the system that the dose was administered. After touching or clicking the green button it will turn white with no text. The system then adjusts the various quantities. When system determines the next time for administering the next dose, the green "Admin" button will appear. This cycle will continue every day until all of the medication has been administered.
Absolutely! When a prescription has been completely administered it will no longer appear under "Active Medication". The prescribed medication is then retained in an "Archived" status for the life of the pet.
An algorithm based on start date, time, quantity, dosage, and frequency.
Yes! There are multiple methods. Export Client data from current business system and use our tool to import that data into your PetMasterID database. Or, when Client obtains a PetMasterID subscription. See additional information about our "Add-In" feature.
Yes - we have software tools built into the application that allows you to import data that has been directly exported from your current technology. We also have an "Add-In" feature that can directly connect to your current pet management software. See information about our "Add-In" feature. Some people call this "middle-ware". Even though most or all of your current clients/pet-owners and pet data are not in the initial VetMasterID account, they can all be easily added on day one. From there it's as simple as clicking a button to send them an invitation that contains a direct link to obtaining a PetMasterID subscription, if they choose. If they accept, all of the pet identification and health information will already be present for them to access and manage for the life of the animal. Reference the previous question for related information.
NO. If a Client chooses to obtain a PetMasterID pet subscription, the Client (pet owner) enters all of the initial information for their pet. If medical records exist, copies should be obtained and subsequently upload. Or, export from current system and import to PetMasterId. We have tools to support this process.

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