These four sectors of pet care happily use this application; pet owners, animal shelters, animal rescues, and animal care provider businesses (veterinarians, clinics, animal hospitals, etc.). Pet owners have the opportunity to submit their pets to the most innovative identification technology available today. With this technology, pet identification is as simple as a smart phone scan. Complete pet identification data is displayed on the scanning device. This leads to several other choices such as managing the administration of medication or instantly reporting the pet as lost. For security, pet owners who sign-up for this service have full control of the information displayed on a scanning device. In an emergency while traveling with a pet, it's possible for a pet owner approved pet care provider to access the pet's health records.

Pet Owner Questions

On the landing page, click the red "SIGN IN" button. Your personal account page is displayed. Make desired changes and click the "Update" button.

Cloud storage of all pet identification data including medical history

Instantly display all of a pet's identification data

Direct access to pet medical history information

Any veterinarian with pet owner's approval can request direct access to pet's medical history

List of all current and previously administered medication

Instant monitoring and management of administering medication

Conveniently upload any or all of your pet's current paper health documents to our secure cloud storage

Accessibility and protection against destruction of all health data in the event of a catastrophe

Set and view pet care provider appointments

Manage settings for receiving appointment reminders

Instant reporting of a lost pet

When pet is recovered, easy removal of lost pet reported entry from current lost pets' database

Receive one laminated QR Coded Pet ID card

Receive three QR Coded Pet ID tags for owner's key ring or pet collar

Convenient remote payment of veterinarian invoices to expedite discharge process

Free and easy transfer of all pet data to a new primary care provider or new owner

Provides a temporary border essential and convenient access to pet identification and health information

Free inclusion of future enhancements to this web application

On the landing page, click any red button that says "SIGN UP TODAY". After you "Submit" your pet owner information, a new form will appear for providing your pet information. This will be for a new pet that has not been previously registered. Fill out this form and click "Save Pet". The PayPal "Subscribe" button will appear for completing the pet subscription.
Yes, you can access your account 24/7/365. On your personal account page, all of your registered pets are listed in a grid. New pets can be added at any time. Touch or click the blue SELECT button of the desired pet. When the pet's page appears, apply desired changes and click or touch the green "Update" button.
Immediately! Upon receipt of your subscription payment, the system will create your PetMasterID database account and send you an email with your Account ID and signin information.
With a Browser such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, FireFox, Apple Safari, etc. connected to the Internet. Enter the normal URL of or put a link to on your desktop, website, iPad, tablet, smart phone, etc. "Sign In" with your Account ID, User Name, Password and click or touch the green "Sign In" button.
No! All of your data is backed up daily.
No! Use your smart phone camera or any Internet connected device capable of reading a QR Code. We will send you a unique QR code recorded on 3 pet ID tags and pet ID card.
Credit card is required for an auto renew yearly subscription. The $36 annual fee is displayed on the PayPal signup page. By using PayPal we don't ever have to store any of your credit card information.
The full spectrum of PetMasterID services are available for the low price of $36.00/year which also includes a BONUS; Lost Pet Alert.
PetMasterID subscriptions are provided on an annual basis and auto-renew yearly.
Submit your questions on our support page and we will respond within 24 hours.
Yes! After you sign in to the "Pet Owner Account" page, click on the "Change Password" link.
Yes! This service is in the Cloud Computing category because users only need an Internet connected device to access and remotely manage their stored information.
Yes. For each pet subscription, we send one wallet size pet ID card and 3 key chain size ID cards to the pet owner. You can also place a copy of a pet's QR Code on any object that can be read/scanned.
It is exceptionally fast and will always display the most current information about the specific pet.
As soon as you know that your pet is lost, scan the QR Code on one of the pet's tags or ID card and touch or click the red "LOST PET ALERT" button. You will be prompted for the zip code last seen, date and time of day last seen, and optional comment. Use the Send button to have this event immediately reported to the "Lost Pet Alert" website and database. All essential pet identification data is sent with the report. NOTE that anyone finding a lost pet should immediately check the or website for a match to contact the owner -OR- if present, scan the pet's QR Coded pet ID tag.
Yes! Your pet needs an RFID tag/Microchip. Upon your request, if your pet doesn’t already have one we’ll send one to you after you acquire a PetMasterID pet membership.
Absolutely! Simply add the microchip ID on the pet's information page. Afterwards, anyone who scans the pet for a chip, can easily enter the microchip number on our public PetMasterID Support page to see pet and owner contact information. Also, connecting/pairing a Bluetooth chip scanning device with a smart phone cursor positioned on the PetMasterID ScanChip Support page, the "Find Pet" button will display contact information.
Yes, there are several ways. Simply scan the QR Code attached to the pet's collar. On the display click or touch the green button that says "Email Owner". Put your contact information and comments in the email and send it. This email will be sent to the owner of the pet. If a QR Code is not present, scan for a microchip with an RFID bluetooth scanning device. Finally, if anyone finds a lost pet go to that is the Lost Pet website used by pet owners who have subscribed their pets to the PetMasterID lost pet reporting service. If the pet you found is listed, it will have the owner's contact information.
When you signup your pet for a PetMasterID subscription, your pet's unique QR Code is generated. This code and other data is recorded on your pet's PetMasterID ID card and ID tags. The ID card and tags are then mailed to you. The QR Code can be stored on other media - contact us through our Support web page for any special requests.
Since the client is usually the owner of the pet, they can use this tool, as determined by this application, to aid in administering pet medication. For example, by merely scanning the pet's QR Code with an iPhone or similar device, the device displays whether it is currently an acceptable time to administer the correct dose of medicine to the pet. When a dose is administered, the client merely touches or clicks the green "Admin" button to notify the system that the dose was administered. After touching or clicking the green button it will turn white with no text. When system determines the next time for administering the next dose, do a periodic fresh QR Code scan until it again displays a green button with the word "Admin". This cycle will continue every day until all of the medication has been administered. It's important to take notice of how many times per day a dose must be administered. This application only supports administering up to and including 3 doses per day.
Even if your vet or shelter isn’t part of the PetMaster ID service, you can personally upload and maintain a copy of your pet’s medical records, giving you quick & secure access to your pet’s medical records & health information, all in one convenient location – anywhere, any time. Request your vet or shelter acquire a VetMasterID subscription for added benefits.
Absolutely! PetMaster ID makes it easy to share your secure pet records with the click of a button. Your temporary care providers can also monitor and administer your pet's current medication. You, the pet owner, can optionally monitor whether your pet's medication was administered as required.
Absolutely! When a prescription has been completely administered it will no longer appear under "Active Medication". The prescribed medication is then retained in an "Archived" status for the life of the pet.

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